Summer Volunteer Opportunities

Come to Israel during the summertime to plant trees, harvest grapes and work out in the vineyards of Israel. Volunteer work during the summer varies depending on when the harvest comes in. Typically, the first grapes of the season are ripe in the first two weeks of August.

Our summer trips are for everyone – men and women, singles and families, ages zero to 120!

Registration is open for three different trips this summer: a 2-week trip in early July, a 2-week trip in late July, and a 3-week trip in August. If you’re looking for trips later on in the year, check out our Autumn Trips page.

2 Week Trip

arrive in Israel on July 1, 2021
depart Israel on July 15, 2021

If you’re coming from the United States, Canada, or Australia, make sure to plan for at least one day on either end of your trip for flying.

Age 13+$1,320 + airfare
Ages 6 to 12$660 + airfare
Ages 0 to 5$264 + airfare

Coming as a family? Every 4th person age 13 and over is free! (applies to immediate family members only)

Last day to applyMay 20, 2021
2 Week Trip

arrive in Israel on July 19, 2021
depart Israel on August 2, 2021

If you’re coming from the United States, Canada, or Australia, make sure to plan for at least one day on either end of your trip for flying.

Age 13+$1,320 + airfare
Ages 6 to 12$660 + airfare
Ages 0 to 5$264 + airfare

Coming as a family? Every 4th person age 13 and over is free! (applies to immediate family members only)

Last day to applyJune 3, 2021
3 Week Trip

arrive in Israel on August 3, 2021
depart Israel on August 24, 2021

If you’re coming from the United States, Canada, or Australia, make sure to plan for at least one day on either end of your trip for flying.

Age 13+$1,760 + airfare
Ages 6 to 12$880 + airfare
Ages 0 to 5$352 + airfare

Coming as a family? Every 4th person age 13 and over is free! (applies to immediate family members only)

Last day to applyJune 22, 2021

More About These Trips


You’ll be staying in a room at our volunteer campus on the Mount of Blessing, located in central Israel. Our accommodations are not hotel-style, but they are comfortable and have all basic amenities. If you come with your spouse or your family, you’ll be rooming with them. If you come by yourself, you will room with one or two fellow volunteers.


We will help you book your flight to Tel Aviv, Israel. When you arrive at the airport, we’ll be there to pick you up. Transportation is already arranged for your entire stay in Israel and we will take you back to Tel Aviv in time for your departure flight at the end of your trip.


We have a team of chefs running our on-site kitchen and serving three delicious meals every day to our volunteers, along with mid-morning snacks out in the field. All meals are covered in your trip cost.

When we travel or tour in certain locations, such as Jerusalem, there will be an opportunity to eat out at local restaurants. You can pay for this on your own, or if you’d rather not spend the money, our kitchen team will provide a lunch you can pack and take with you for no extra cost.

You can let us know about any allergies or dietary restrictions that you have when you submit your application.

Daily Schedule

With agricultural work, it’s important to get up early and make it to the fields while it’s still cool and the sun isn’t too high in the sky.

Typically, each day begins at 5:00 AM with a half-hour of worship and/or prayer together as a group. Breakfast is served at 5:30 and we head out to the fields shortly after breakfast. Our volunteer campus is surrounded by beautiful vineyards on the Mount of Blessing, so on some days, our volunteer location is within walking distance. If we are not within walking distance, we will take vans or a private bus to nearby farms, anywhere from 20 minutes to 45 minutes away.

We usually work from 6:30 am until lunchtime at 11:00 am. The afternoon schedule varies from day to day. Some days, we will tour local biblical or historical sites in the afternoon, or travel around and meet local residents in the area. On other days, we will continue working through the afternoon (you’ll have the opportunity to head back to camp after lunch and relax, or stay out in the fields through the afternoon).

Dinner is served at 5:00 pm and, on most evenings, we have a guest speaker out to our campus from a nearby Jewish community to share their personal story, an inspiring message or insightful teaching.

Because we’re waking up early, most folks head to bed between 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm.

This is a typical daily schedule for Sunday through Friday. On Friday night and all-day Saturday, we celebrate the sabbath, taking the day off for rest, fellowship, and Scripture study.


What do I need to do?

Signing up for a trip is simple. All you need to do is follow these 4 easy steps:


Choose your favorite trip and click “apply”. Follow the instructions to submit your application.

It will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes to fill out your application and will require a photocopy of your passport and a $200 non-refundable processing fee (this amount will be deducted from your trip cost).


Once you submit your application and pay your processing fee, someone from our staff team will reach out to you and schedule a phone call or video call. We look forward to meeting you and this call will give you an opportunity to get answers to any questions you may have and we can give you additional details about what to expect and what you should bring with you.


After you have an interview with one of our staff members, we’ll let you know how and when to book your flight to Israel. It’s very important that you DO NOT BOOK YOUR FLIGHT until you receive a go-ahead from our staff team. We will be filing the paperwork for your visa to enter the country as well as picking you up from the airport. We’ll let you know when it’s okay to book a ticket.


Between when you submit your application and the day you arrive in Israel, we’ll send you all the information you need to be prepared, pack everything you need, and be ready for a life-changing experience you will remember forever.

We’ll be waiting at the airport for you!

Here's what other volunteers are saying . . .

  • The time I spent with HaYovel was the greatest and most unforgettable time I have ever had, in my trips to Israel… It was such a blessing to work side by side, with my brethren, picking grapes, touring, and meeting our Jewish friends.

    from Texas, USA
  • The HaYovel team is by far the most adorable group I have ever experienced. The amazement of connections was overwhelmingly joyous. His love and discipline was abundant. I would most definitely challenge any soul who has a deep desire to follow God, go to Israel!!

    from British Columbia, Canada
  • I experienced the Bible, the Word of God, not anymore as reading a book, but alive. The places and events from the past and nowadays are now connected in my mind and I have started to understand in a different way my Bible. I discovered a completely new world for me.

    from Sofia, Bulgaria
  • My experience with HaYovel has been a learning experience like no other. It has helped me to see the significance of what we are doing in Israel and how it coincides with fulfilling prophesy. It also has helped put into perspective God’s role of Israel in His great plan for humanity. And has greatly increased my love for our Jewish brothers and sisters.

    from Texas, USA
  • Meeting other people who also want to follow and believe in every word, every dot of the Bible was a very liberating experience. Within the first few days, I felt completely at peace, which is a feeling I had forgotten a while back. Between that and being part of a prophecy, volunteering in Israel, I can assure you I will never forget this trip, which I hope is the first of many.

    from Spain
  • Our eyes were really opened to the struggles of the Jewish people in Samaria and Judea as they settle their Land. Seeing first-hand biblical prophecy coming to life as we worked in the vineyards was very gratifying. We are thankful to have been able to experience Israel with the other volunteers from all over the world as well as the HaYovel staff. You made us feel very welcome and gave us great insight into the land of Israel.

    Blaine & Lori
    from Iowa, USA
  • I love the God of the Bible… serving in His Land and among His People has allowed me to get to know Him in a deeper, more real way. Now I read the stories in the Bible with different eyes. Before, I read the play; now I have been on the stage and it has all become so much more ALIVE and REAL!!!!

    from Colorado, USA
  • That I may walk on the promised land of God, to touch the smiles and hearts of the God’s chosen people, that I may worship the Almighty God in His Holy City of Jerusalem, to live on the Mount of Blessings… those are great and unforgettable experiences.

    from Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Coming with HaYovel and having the chance to meet the Israelis, as well as work with the land, has been powerfully impacting. It continues to get better year after year. It has been a whole new dimension to be to do something tangible in the land, putting our hands to the land. And sharing in the restoration and fulfillment of prophecy is exciting beyond words. I encourage everyone no matter what your age is, no matter what your status or financial resources, not to limit God, to listen to Him. We need so many more.

    from Kansas City, USA

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