Deon & Leoni van Baalen

We are the Deon & Leoni van Baalen family.

We were born and raised in South Africa, and immigrated to Australia 16 years ago to follow God’s leading for our life and raise our 4 precious children.  In our journey to discover what modern day Israel means to our faith, we came across the ministry of HaYovel around 2008/2009.  Our hearts immediately connected with this ministry as it has never connected to any ministry before or since. We came to realise that modern day Israel is a miraculous work from God in our generation and that the Bible is full of prophesy concerning this time.  The return of the Jewish people to the land of Israel and the land responding by reversing desolation to fruitfulness is the much-awaited redemption happening before our eyes. As a family our hearts desire is to devote our lives to serving God by participating as gentiles from the nations in the restoration of the land of Israel and blessing its people.

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