Randy & Lynne Hilton

on staff with HaYovel since 2011

One of the great joys of my life together with Lynne has been raising and homeschooling our eight children, always striving to build our foundation on the Word of God.

In 2008, however, our family’s worldview was turned upside down when we traveled to Israel and saw incredible prophecies being fulfilled on the mountains of Israel for the first time in 2,000 years.

Our hearts were forever changed as we witnessed with our own eyes the incredible work of Kingdom redemption that is in process in the land of Israel. We dug into the Scriptures and found one confirmation after another all throughout the Word. We wholeheartedly joined forces with the Waller family in their kingdom-building work in the heartland and began making our way towards Zion’s restoration! Now, twelve years later, we are privileged to live almost full time here in the heartland of Israel.

We know you love Israel and would like to stay more connected to the truth of the reality here in the land that God loves. We would be honored if you would join us on this journey and we will connect you personally to the work you are enabling by your financial support. You will have an impact here in the heartland, where we are passionate and zealous to see the land of Israel restored. When you join our monthly support team, you also become part of our prayer team!

Life is never dull here on Har Bracha, and we will keep you connected and updated by sending heartfelt, exciting, and fun photos and videos along the way. We would love to have you on our team! Please feel free to email or call us if you have any questions, or would just like to chat!

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Randy harvesting grapes

One of Lynne’s favorite places, the Kotel

We are blessed beyond measure to have our “boots on the ground”, working alongside six of our children, two of which are still at home, with many of our grandchildren nearby.

Josiah, our oldest at home, works full time in HaYovel’s marketing department with email marketing and advertisement. Along with being involved on the operations crew when there is a construction project or volunteer event going on. He has also traveled the southern United States and West Coast, speaking to churches and individuals about the miraculous restoration of the land of Israel.

Justin is currently finishing high school but is also one of our chief photographers. Many of the beautiful photos you see on the HaYovel blog are a result of Justin’s eye for beauty and excellence. He leads volunteers in the field, and puts in many hours around the property here as well; working on the construction team, tackling landscaping needs, and setting up for hospitality and special events.

Justin’s photography skills are greatly appreciated in HaYovel

Our six children that work with us in Israel

What do We Do Here in Israel?

Randy’s first priority within Hayovel is overseeing the volunteer enrollment program. This entails interviewing the hundreds of applicants that apply for our programs each year, processing their applications from start to finish, and working closely with our liaison to the Ministry of Interior to obtain the special visas we need for staff as well as all the volunteers.

Lynne works with Randy, interviewing the single women and some of the families, and together they answer the variety of questions that are asked before volunteers arrive. They are privileged to help bring volunteers from all over the world (over 30 countries to date!) and help make the process smooth and full of excitement as they prepare to come to the Land. What a delight when they finally arrive and they get to meet in person!

Lynne and Randy are also elders within Hayovel. Always praying for wisdom regarding the myriad of challenges along the way, they make themselves available to help with whatever might be needed on a daily basis within the camp. Lynne and Randy speak out against replacement theology/anti-semitism and “fake news” which seems to make Israel a prime target, and have become advocates for training other advocates.They believe that the Temple Mount should be a “house of prayer for all nations,” and feel privileged beyond measure to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Jewish people. Among our greatest heroes are the courageous pioneers in Judea and Samaria, that the world calls “settlers.”


Josiah, speaking to volunteers on Elon Moreh

When not in the office, Josiah stays busy with other projects

Justin picking nectarines in the Golan Heights

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