Mack Waller

Howdy I’m Mack, I’m the youngest and coolest member of the Waller family.

I’m super excited about what God has for me and super excited about involving you in it! 

I’m the Field Foreman here, which means Nate gives me some ideas you might call plans and I try my best to make them happen and in the inevitable crisis I run around telling people what to do. But in all sincerity I really enjoy working hard, I mean, especially when it’s for THE REDEMPTION of the WHOLE WORLD!

Anyway thankfully there’s plenty to keep me busy whether its 

  • Managing volunteer groups in the field  
  • Planting trees on some lonely hilltop 
  • Clearing land with our equipment for new roads or houses 
  • Working on maintenance stuff around the base
  • Constructing new staff housing 
  • And whatever other crisis comes up!

The thing that keeps me fired up though is seeing young people connect with the full reality of their faith. I love to see the light bulb go off in people’s heads when they realize that their faith is more than just some idea that they believe, there’s a Kingdom coming and we have a part to play in this redemption story!!

God is restoring Israel and ultimately the world! Do you want to partner with me in making that happen? If you do, then sign up right here and I’ll add you to my monthly newsletter UpDate!

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