The Battle Against Agricultural Terrorism

What the Arabs destroyed, we will replant

On May 10th, Arab arsonists set fire to our Greening Israel Forest project. . .

A few hours later, 2,500 trees were completely destroyed.

The Greening Israel Project was largely sponsored by a Christian TV network in Norway. Many other Christians around the world also helped sponsor trees. Last year, Christian volunteers came to Israel (even during the pandemic), and planted trees with their own hands. Together, we cleared the thorns and brush, moved the rocks, hauled in mulch, built wire cages, and lovingly placed the saplings in the ground.

We were determined to do our utmost to make sure that this forestry project would be one of the best in all of Israel. After a setback when local Arabs stole our watch dogs, and uprooted 200 of the trees, we brought in more security infrastructure. Then, tragedy struck.

While Israel was celebrating 43 years of Jerusalem’s reunification on May 10th, Palestinian arsonists set fire to our trees. With the wind blowing just right, the fire spread, and a few hours later, nearly the entire area was destroyed.


Even though no one was injured, arson like this is considered agricultural terrorism. As you may know, the Jewish response to terrorism is to bring more life to the land. That is what we are determined to do. We are already making plans to re-plant. By the start of the Shmittah year (in September), we are planning to have another 2,500 trees planted on Israel’s mountains. 


This is where you can help. Each tree costs $25. Whether you can sponsor one tree or 1,000 trees, you can help us fulfill the dream of the prophets by restoring the land of Israel. 


We are taking every precaution to make sure that these trees are not destroyed again. We are installing more security infrastructure. 


We cannot let those who hate the land of Israel win this fight. With your help, we will make Israel’s mountains green again. Please consider sponsoring as many trees as you are able today.