From Passion to Reality ( a personal story)

Have you ever seen a small, magnified section of a picture without seeing the entire image? It usually leaves you with a lot of questions. But as soon as you see the entire picture, it not only answers your questions, but brings it to life in a whole new way.

Meet Corey Jewell. He’s a police officer, worship leader, and father of four from Austin, Texas. After years of reading Scripture, going to church, and leading worship, he realized he was only seeing part of the picture.

Watch this video and be inspired by Corey’s journey and how his Bible turned into a full-color reality when he made his first trip to Israel. 

Volunteer in Israel

If you are a Christian who has always wanted to visit Israel, or if you just love your Bible and want to grow deeper in your faith, taking a volunteer trip to Israel like Corey did might be exactly what you are looking for.

Volunteering in Israel will make your Bible come to life as you walk and serve in the very places you’ve been reading about ever since you became a Christian. More than just a 10-day bus tour, volunteering will connect you to the land of the Bible and the places where Jesus walked in a deep and lasting way.

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