Family Week 2013 Report

Toward the end of the week and after Family Week was officially over, I got at least a half dozen comments like, “This has definitely been the best Family Week ever!” I have to say that I would agree.

This Family Week was extraordinary. Having so many people come from different places and backgrounds to worship the King and focus on His Kingdom was VERY powerful. Looking back, I think the overall message was a serious charge to be accountable. We were challenged in submission on several levels: 1) to honor our parents, 2) to have an accountability partner that would keep us on track individually, 3) to submit to (and not rebuke) our elders, and 4) to respect and serve our Jewish brethren.

I think people left Family Week inspired to take on the challenge of submitting to authority. The fruit of that has the potential to produce healthy, productive individuals, families and communities equipped to take their part in the restoration of all things.


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