Christian Supporters of Israel Use Gun and Bible in Video Blasting Calls to Boycott Israel

“It’s a dangerous thing to go boycotting God and the Bible.”

In a new video from the Christian Zionist group HaYovel, an American Christian man lured into boycotting Israel is schooled by one of his friends that if he really wants to boycott the Jewish state, he needs to destroy the Bible and boycott God.

The dramatization shows a man named Wyatt — described as an “average American” churchgoer — who out of the blue gets a text message that reads, “BDS Movement. Check it out.”

The drama begins when Wyatt gets a text message pushing him to boycott Israel.

He looks to social media for information about the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement and there hears claims of Israeli aggression against Palestinians.

Taken in by the argument, Wyatt collects his Israel-made belongings and one-by-one starts shooting at them with his rifle, including his computer, flash drive and cellphone, which use Israeli-made technology.

One by one, Wyatt shoots his Israel-made products in the video titled “The Video That Literally Just Blew the BDS Movement to Smithereens!”

At that point, a friend of his arrives and asks him what he’s doing.

“Israel is occupying the West Bank and Gaza, which in reality is the Palestinians’ homeland, and not just that, the Palestinians living there are being oppressed by Israel,” Wyatt tells his friend, then mentions his surprise at how many devices Israel has been involved in inventing.

His friend hears Wyatt’s explanation then decides to turn the tables on him.

The friend puts a Bible on the shooting table and says, “Mind if I join your BDS campaign?” The friend then takes the gun and aims it at the Bible to which an exasperated Wyatt asks, “What are you doing?”

“Shooting the Bible. It was made in Israel,” the friend says.

“Stop. You can’t just shoot a Bible, that’s sacrilegious,” Wyatt says.

The friend explains, “The Bible mentions Israel thousands of times. God made an irrevocable covenant with the land and the people of Israel. Most of the Bible was either written or took place in Israel, a lot of it in the — quote — West Bank and Gaza.”

“If you really want to boycott Israel, then getting rid of your Bible and rejecting God would be a great place to start,” the friend said.

 “Stop. You can’t just shoot a Bible, that’s sacrilegious,” Wyatt tells his friend who makes as if he’s about the shoot at the Bible.

As to the state of Palestinians, the friend said, “Most Palestinians are not oppressed. The ones that are, it’s from their own government, not Israel.”

 The video’s main message — if you boycott Israel, you’re boycotting God. (Image source: Israel Video Network)

“You should check your facts and make sure you got your story straight before you go taking such drastic measures again. It’s a dangerous thing to go boycotting God and the Bible,” the friend says.

The video concludes with the onscreen message: “Don’t boycott God. Buy Israeli products today.”

HaYovel produced the video for a contest sponsored by the Israel Video Network. The full video can be seen here.

This article was written by Sharona Schwartz and was originally published by The Blaze on March 1, 2016

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