Podcast: The U.S. Tried to Divide Israel & COVID-19 Struck – The Facts (with Bill Koenig)

The Trump Administration presented the Peace to Prosperity peace plan on January 28th, 2020. The plan called for Israel to give away parts of their land and endorse the creation of a Palestinian state. Within two days of their announcement, COVID-19 was declared a world pandemic and the U.S. government began feverishly working to combat the virus. Today’s guest is Bill Koenig, a journalist, author and Christian Zionist. He wrote a book entitled “Eye to Eye”, where he personally documented 127 incidents when the U.S. called for the division of the land of Israel. Each time, within 24-48 hours, a disaster struck the United States. COVID-19 is no different. Listen to today’s show to find out how our treatment of Israel is directly related to the blessings or curses that we experience, in our personal lives, and as a nation.  ... Read MoreRead More

Podcast: Borders, Boats & Sovereignty in Israel (with AY Katsoff)

July 1st was a date much anticipated in Israel. Many expected the Prime Minister in Israel to make an announcement regarding moving forward with sovereignty over Judea and Samaria. They were greatly disappointed when that did not happen. There were several other significant events that happened on July 1st though. Listen in to today’s show to find out what they were. One thing was a different and unexpected statement from one of Israel’s members of Knesset regarding what Israel will NOT do if they apply sovereignty over the heartland. Will Israel’s borders open up in time for the grape harvest this fall? Maybe a boat is the answer. While cases of COVID-19 are increasing again in Israel, all hope is not lost for this year’s harvest. Tune in for a unique and out of the box idea from an interview with AY Katsoff, one of the farmers that HaYovel helps in Samaria.   \... Read MoreRead More

Podcast: The Complex Lip Service of the Arab World (with Aaron Lipkin)

There seems to be more going on in the Arab world behind the scenes than we are aware of. Taking a look at these Arab states and people who actually live there, these countries seem very hostile toward Israel in regard to sovereignty for Judea and Samaria. Is this really the case? As the phrase suggests, is the “Arab World” really united? Is there such a thing as an Arab nation? Do all Palestinians really want a Palestinian state? Join us for all this and more as Aaron Lipkin joins us in the studio to discusses the potential sovereignty move and the response of the Arab states surrounding Israel.  ... Read MoreRead More

Podcast: Palestinians & Sovereignty in Israel (with Aaron Lipkin)

The question of sovereignty in Israel has become a very hot topic. There is a report that Netanyahu has put together his own plan as an alternative to the “Deal of the Century”. The council that oversees Israel’s biblical heartland has put together their own map, one which does not allow for the creation of a Palestinian state. Find out why that is a good thing on today’s show. Joshua interviews Aaron Lipkin on today’s podcast. Aaron is a wealth of information when it comes to Israel’s heartland, and he has some interesting things to share about the real population numbers of the Palestinians residing here.  ... Read MoreRead More

Podcast: The Self Destruction of the Palestinian Government

The Palestinian Authority government has always been corrupt. Recently, however, they have hidden their motives less and less. From cutting salaries to their own employees and using the money to pay murderers to refusing medical aid from the UAE because the shipment was coordinated through Israel, they are finally showing their true colors. Did you know that many Palestinians have openly said that they would prefer to live under Israel’s rule? Listen to today’s show to find out if this is only because their own government is corrupt, or if they actually support Israel. The Joshua and Caleb Report podcast is a weekly show that broadcasts radical, biblical truths straight from Israel’s biblical heartland. Don’t settle for lies and negativity – listen to our weekly show to be empowered to stand confidently with God’s land and people.  ... Read MoreRead More