The “Boots on the Ground Fund” allows HaYovel to support the cost of hosting volunteer groups to assist farmers in Israel.

HaYovel is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. EIN: 20-4318425

Our vision is to mobilize thousands of “beautiful feet” (Isaiah 52:7), who will make the following impact:

Thousands of man-hours of quality work will bring the land of Israel to life!

Hundreds of willing hearts will show unconditional love to God’s chosen people!

Countries worldwide receiving positive reports as volunteers become passionate ambassadors for Israel.

Countless Christians will become more rooted in their faith and gain new understanding of God’s purposes for Israel.

Although volunteers pay their own way to come to Israel, the ministry staff and coordination expenses related to hosting these dedicated servants is part of our general operating budget.

With an average of 50 volunteers for every program, that’s 10 staff that we need on the ground full-time to facilitate the logistics.

A pair of “Boots on the Ground” costs approximately $1,200 per month, both for volunteer programs and regular operations. For a two week volunteer program, that’s $600.

Please consider partnering with us by helping to get our boots on the ground here in Israel. You can sponsor one pair of boots for a volunteer trip/season, or join us as a monthly “BOOTS” partner.

Your most generous gift as a “Boots on the Ground Partner” will be deeply appreciated and help us to bring Christian volunteers to Israel to provide quality work, hearts of love and a positive voice to the world.

Your Donation is Tax-Deductible

Donations to support HaYovel staff members, volunteers, and projects are solicited with the understanding that HaYovel has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds and are non-refundable. No goods or services, except for intangible religious benefit, will be provided to donors of HaYovel in return for their contributions.