Planting in Judea


Submitted By: Jacob Over the last weeks we spent some time with our farmer friends planting in the hills of Judea, in the land of the Bible! What an awesome thing to be a part of! And we hope many of you are able to come work beside us. But for those of you who... Read MoreRead More

Joshua and Caleb Waller on CBN

The Waller twins Joshua and Caleb were interviewed by CBN (The Christian Broadcasting Network) while on their recent “For Zion’s Sake Tour.” Watch the interview!Read More

For Zion’s Sake Tour


Israel and the “West Bank” grab headlines on a daily basis, but how many really have firsthand knowledge of what’s going on there? How would you like to hear from a team of 6 young men who have chosen to spend time over the last 7 years working in a place that is generally considered... Read MoreRead More